Introduction To Kayaking For Beginners


Kayaking is a non-invasive green sport that is kind to the environment. Paddlers can't rev up their engines nor leave petrol slicks on the water as they rhythmically pass by.


Kayaking affords people of all ages, the opportunity to float on calm waters while enthralled in birdwatching, photography, fishing, or a bit of fresh air as the rest of the world speeds by.


For the thrill-seeking paddler, kayaking provides that much sought after adrenalin rush every time the whitewater river or the pounding surf does not gain control.


And for the adventurous, kayaking provides memories of a lifetime filled with visions of dolphin, sea otter, and whale while paddling around pristine islands in the good company of friends.


Kayaking has something for everyone. Here are some of the popular articles on kayaking for beginners


Basic Overview of Kayaking For Beginners - Learning basic kayaking techniques is the first step toward many rewarding adventures for those who love the great outdoors. There is no match to the tranquility felt through the methodical paddling associated with gliding across the water. You feel as one with your surroundings as your world becomes alive with natural movement and sound.

History and Origins of Kayaking - The history of canoeing and kayaking shows us that nearly every civilization in the world has archaeological proof that kayaks and canoes were a significantly important cultural element of life. Findings strongly suggest that paddling dates as far back as 8,000 years. It is now believed that paddlers have existed since the beginning of mankind

Basic Strokes in Kayaking - Before you start to learn kayaking paddle strokes it is important to learn how to properly hold the kayak paddle. This may seem silly but it is amazing how many people I've seen trying to paddle effectively while their paddles were backward, up-side-down, or improperly held

Beginner Guide to Sea Kayaking - There is nothing to compare with the excitement I feel when sea kayaking with dolphin or whale, except the rush felt paddling over the reefs of the Caribbean. Watching whales breech from my campsite or looking them in the eye as we paddle,  is an awe inspiring experience

Different types and classification of kayaks used for sea kayaking - There are many different types of kayaks used for sea kayaking. Use classifications are recreational, fishing, surf play boats, and touring kayaks. Before purchasing a kayak you should determine what your primary use will be to get the most out of your equipment choice

How to Find and Buy the Right Kayak - Choosing the right kayak can seem quite over-whelming for the unseasoned paddler. Kayaks come in all widths and length, with each class designed for specifically different uses. In todays marketplace a beginner should research to choose a versatile kayak that can be used effectively in various types of waters

Essential Tips in Buying a Used Kayak - Unless you are certain that you will only paddle in calm waters, the diverse selection available of kayaks designed for specific uses can be overwhelming. A good recreational kayak similar to the model that you paddled during your first lessons may be your least expensive and best option to start.

How to Maintain and store a kayak - An important addition to kayaking tips for beginners should be the know-how to properly care for and maintain your kayak. Kayaks are a relatively pricey piece of equipment and paddlers need to take the necessary time to keep them clean and in optimum condition

How to launch your kayak - Learning how to properly launch a kayak is the first skill that you should practice as a beginner paddler. There is more than one method to do it right. Much, of course, depends on the shoreline and water conditions but as a novice paddler your launch site should be in calm water conditions

Extreme Kayaking - The exact definition of extreme kayaking is varied depending on which class of whitewater enthusiast you speak with. Generally speaking extreme kayaking is best suited for paddlers wishing that adrenalin rush associated with maneuvering and playing in extremely wild water